Inclusive Design is Usable Design is Accessible Design

The concepts of inclusive design and universal access is woven into the fabric of all Aivilo projects.  Whether we are undertaking a small web site design project or a larger application development effort, we believe that all digital assets should be accessible to whomever, whenever and however these users desire to interact with an organization’s products and services – and usable by all populations.

While our three key service areas are focused on Web Accessibility, User Experience Design, and Web Development our expertise lies in having a deep understanding of users, their needs, their abilities and limitations while balancing this with business goals and objectives.

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Aivilo’s Additional Services

When hiring Aivilo Web Solutions your organization will benefit from our areas of expertise beyond web accessibility, user experience and system design.  Each of our projects include assistance with project management, requirements and specification gathering, marketing strategy, and anything web.  We can also provide these as stand-alone services.