Angel's Landing | Zion National Park | Utah

Little compares to the Southwest United States. Massive sandstone cliffs, canyoneering in The Narrows, and watching a late summer sun set behind the mountains are just a few reasons to visit Utah's first National Park.

NewCloud Networks

This Denver, Colorado, tech company finds its niche with custom cloud computing and cloud communications solutions. NewCloud believes that Great Technology is Powered by Great People and uses a variety of marketing tactics and channels to attract CIOs, CISOs, and CEOs from across the country.

Fish Farm Ministries

Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, Fish Farm Ministries aims to Restore Lives Through the Love of Christ. From bible studies to discipleships and even fresh produce farming, this ministry thrives on community connection and education to help those with addiction, stress, or even those who just wish to restore their relationship with Christ.

Dressember 5K 2019

Dressember is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of Los Angeles, California that raises funds for human trafficking victims. The group partners with local and international entities to raise awareness of human trafficking that occurs all around the world. Through donations, Dressember helps prevent human trafficking, rescue victims, and provide holistic aftercare.

What's unique about this bunch is how they raise funds. By sporting a dress of tie for the entire month of December, advocates from all over the world leverage the power of social media and fashion to make annual campaigns a huge success.

Other Projects